“I love this place and so does my puppy Otis! Recommended by our trainer, Brian Lee for a wonderful safe way to add to a dog’s socialization. He is right! After a careful temperament test by a trainer, Otis was slowly introduced to a gang of dogs with whom he’d be comfortable. After 2 hours on his first visit, he slept all the way home! He now usually stays for a few hours once or twice per week . He’s always happy to go in, and I’ve observed that they take nothing for granted; they take it slow introducing him to the dog gang who is there on each particular day. (Dog parents can watch this thru one way glass). Ryan is the new owner of Yellow Brick. He and his employees are very sweet, knowledgeable and big time dog lovers! Anyone who knows me also knows that I wouldn’t trust just anyone with any of my dogs- highly recommend this place.” – Lisa G. 


“I cannot say enough good things about Yellow Brick Road.  If I could give them 10 stars, I would!  Charlotte is incredibly wise, gentle, and nurturing, and is a true dog lover.  She has a very special bond with the animals she cares for. Everyone on the staff is wonderful, caring, and compassionate, and excellent with the dogs.  I have taken my dogs to Charlotte’s daycare for years and they always came home better behaved than when I dropped them off – very tired and happy.”


“My elderly dog recently had health issues and I could not leave him home alone, so the the last month I took him to YBR every day while I went to work.  He required extra care because he couldn’t walk, and Charlotte and her staff went above and beyond, caring for him as if he were their own.  Vershell held him like a baby and hand fed him.  Deb sat with him one day well after her shift ended because he wasn’t doing well and she did not want to leave him. They made sure he was fed, watered, clean, and comfortable.  It is clear that YBR is Charlotte’s passion and not just a business.  We in the South Bay are so fortunate to have such a safe, well-run, loving place to to take our beloved pets.   I whole-heartedly  recommend YBR to anyhone who is looking for daycare or boarding.” – Robbie V.


“I love Yellow Brick Road and so does my 5 year old Samoyed.   I have visited during the day, while he was playing with other dogs, and I always found someone monitoring the dogs interactions which is the reason we take him there.  The place is cleaned constantly and never smells “doggy”.  Charlotte is a very caring person and would not tolerate her employees putting the dogs in any danger.   I have never advocated for a doggy daycare, but I tell everyone I know with dogs about her and Yellow Brick Road.” – D.J.


“Charlotte, the owner, absolutely loves dogs and is a very experienced dog handler. Her expertise//knowledge far surpass most of your average canine daycare facilities.  Not only has she owned the day care facility for many years, she is renowned in the dog-world as a top notch trainer. She is extremely generous with her time and facilities by not just running a business but by rescuing dogs and saving their lives – housing them until she finds a home for them. As well as holding a FREE class on the weekends open to the public. Yellow Brick Road is a happy environment for both dogs and people, I highly recommend using this doggy-daycare facility.” – Leah D.


“I can’t say enough good things about Charlotte and Yellow Brick Road!
Charlotte has helped us train and care for our rescue dog, Albert, for 5+ years.  She and her staff are friendly, conscientious, caring and extremely focused on the well-being of the animals in their care.  And, the YBR facility is clean and spacious, with plenty of room for dogs to romp or relax.  Albert has never once gotten sick from a stay – and he is quite a frequent visitor. Before we met Charlotte, we tried other doggie day care facilities in the South Bay.   They were fine, but we found YBR to be by far the best fit for Albert.
I would highly recommend YBR to anyone.  Charlotte and her staff really go the extra mile!” – Shannon B.


“Yellow Brick Road is AWESOME! We love that it is a much newer facility than the rest… It is so clean and obviously well taken care of. I am a huge germaphobe, so this is certainly a breathe of fresh air to say the least. I have a fearful Shar Pei mix who we adopted years ago. She is afraid of the outside world, and even on walks she really is just too nervous to enjoy herself. I was on a search to find some confidence building exercises. When doing my search, and asking around all fingers pointed towards Yellow Brick Road Agility classes. I called and spoke with Charlotte, the owner. She and I agreed that Bella would do best in a one-one-one agility class. We signed up, and I cannot be more pleased with the results. Not only was Charlotte available when I was (which can be tough) but Bella  LOVES her! Just saying the word “agility” gets a head tilt and a smile from our girl. She loves all of the exercises, and we even found her running off course just to do the “A Frame” and the “tunnel”. Our walks have really been a lot more enjoyable for her, and greeting people is like cake! Bella is really coming out of her shell. We tell everyone we know about Yellow Brick Road and the wonderful classes there. On another note, I found out that a lot of the dogs boarded at YBR are rescues in need of homes,  and charlotte offers a discounted rate for rescues. She also rescues senior, and handicap dogs that were abandoned. She is absoultely 100% committed to our furry friends, and in my book that is what I call a hero.” – Emery F.


“As a dog owner, rescuer, and photographer, I’ve been to many boarding & doggie facilities, and have never seen one so well run and so clean. Charlotte, the owner, is extremely careful about what dogs she admits, yet has a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere. I transport rescue dogs to and from the facility all the time and would encourage anyone to give them a try.” – Andy P.


“We have been considering daycare for our two dogs for some time, and finally decided to try it out for the first time at YBRD. Charlotte, the owner, was super sweet and helpful. She made us feel comfortable from the get go, and welcomed our check-up calls throughout the day! The facility is massive, entirely cage-free, and conveniently located. All of the staff is friendly, and dogs are separated by size, which was an important factor for us as our small dogs are easily frightened by larger dogs. Waka and Brea give YBRD five paws up, and a couple tail wags too.” – Katie B.


“Yellow Brick Road is fabulous.  Rover Rescue has been working with Charlotte for thirteen years. When she decided to open Yellow Brick Road Doggie Playcare and Gym, I knew it was a great day for all the dogs in the South Bay. Charlotte is a generous supporter of dog rescue groups and has been particularly important in the on-going success of Rover Rescue and the well being of all our dogs – big and small. One of my great pleasers is to see a Rover Rescue dog that was adopted locally and they get to go to YBR.  It has happened time and time again that see this happy, playful dog at YBR and it turns out to have been adopted five years ago. I highly recommend YBR for dog daycare or overnight boarding.” – James M


“As the head of an animal rescue organization and also a former Commissioner on the Board of LA Animal Services, I’ve worked with various trainers and dealt with many boarding facilities.  Charlotte has been a renowned trainer for decades, and has turned many “impossibles” to “adoptables”: one of them was a Shepherd who was dog-aggressive and needed a serious rehab.  Charlotte trained her, and the Shepherd eventually got adopted to a home that even had another dog.  It’s been many years since this family adopted her, and there has not been a single incident. What you will notice at Yellow Brick Road is its cleanliness.  While some kennels  smell urine/feces even in the entrance area, you will not smell anything at Yellow Brick Road.  Charlotte is also very careful about introducing dogs and her interview process is very strict.  She does not take chances, yet accidents can happen, but when/if they do, she takes full responsibility.  She also has a strict policy on vaccinations, and any dog my rescue organization boards at Yellow  Brick Road has to have been fully vaccinated, and when we take dogs from the pound, they have to be quarantined before they can be boarded there. Charlotte is in this business because she truly loves animals.  She has exhibited nothing but honesty and integrity with a strong work ethics, while always treating the dogs and their guardians/owners as a priority.” – Marie A


“Follow the Yellow Brick Road to 1501 El Segundo Blvd., and you’ll find the best playcare for dogs exists at the end of the rainbow!  Yes, there is playcare, and agility, and training and a phenomenal staff who LOVE the dogs.  As the founder of Lhasa Happy Homes Rescue, I had to search far and wide for a trainer and facility where our dogs could come to learn manners and be safe.  Charlotte Bell, the owner, is a respected dog handler and trainer, but most of all dog LOVER.  We’ve worked with her for many years, and she has helped us train more than one unruly Lhasa Apso to save their lives and prepare them for their forever homes.   Many of our dogs stay at YBR until they get adopted, and Charlotte is not only fair but  accommodating in all ways.  That is because she genuinely loves dogs — young, old and in between.  She even rescues from shelters herself.  She also offers free training classes that our adopters can attend to insure their new munchkins to be the best companions they can be!  This is not a woman who is in it for the money; she has a heart and desire to help the animals.  No facility can promise 100% satisfaction, and to anyone who has had a bad experience anywhere, remember dogs can be dogs….that is not human error.   I would not only highly recommend her, I would tell you if you are in the area, or even leaving town and near the airport….follow the Yellow Brick Road to this facility to feel secure that your dogs will hardly miss you while you are gone!  The Wizard says so!!” – Randee G

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